''OBSESSED with lovely design of their Islamic salt lamp'' - Akram Channa, Salt Saudi, Inc.

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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt Aim is the industry-leading Best Seller for Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Why Salt Aim?

We guarantee quality Himalayan Salt Lamps. We have fast and free shipping, 24/7 customer support, and secure payments.

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The Story of Salt Aim

Salt Aim, the authentic source of premium quality Himalayan Salt Lamps. We only imagine how our products can add value to your home décor. Being in the industry for 2017, we have expanded our presence to 7+ different countries across the globe. Currently, our company is serving more than 54 businesses, and our long list of satisfied clients is evidence of our success.

We Are Founded

We were founded on May 28, 2017.

28 May 2017
One Thousand Customers

Salt Aim completed one thousand valued customers on May 10, 2018. This event signifies the company’s continued growth and development.

10 May 2018
Best Salt Lamp Company

Salt Aim has become the best leading company for Himalayan salt lamps. The company exports its salt lamps to 3 countries and has a customer base of over 5,000 customers.

30 April 2021
“I have been using their rock salt lamp for a couple of months now. It has helped me with asthma and gives me a fresh feeling! Will continue to buy and have even recit ommended it to my friends, family, and everyone. ”
Abdullah Arif


We like to build close relationships with partners. We believe dynamic collaboration is the only way to accomplish great results.

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