Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Absorb Moisture?
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Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Absorb Moisture?

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Let’s talk about do Himalayan salt lamps absorb moisture or not?

The amount of moisture your Himalayan salt lamp will release will depend on how often you use it and how well maintained you keep it. The idea that salt lamps release moisture is a common and widespread myth.

No matter how much moisture may be present, each salt lamp will only release about one ounce of water vapor per day.

The light emitted from salt lamps does help to warm up your home and dry out the air in humid areas, but it won’t do anything if you’re trying to rid yourself of a damp room.

Moisture that is stuck to the walls of your home or the furniture can help to prevent mold, mildew and other fungal issues. If you’d like to reduce the humidity, you should try using a dehumidifier or installing a humidifier in your home.

Himalayan Salt Lamps absorb moisture from the air and, when turned off, can ‘cry‘ if the weather is particularly humid or if you live near the beach.

To avoid having a sad salt lamp when it is turned off, place a plastic bag over it and tuck it under the lamp’s base to keep moisture out.

If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, carefully pull the cord (with bulb) out from the bottom of the lamp to prevent moisture from getting on the cord and bulb.

When you get home, simply remove the plastic bag and re-insert the card into your lamp. This will prevent your Himalayan salt lamps from moisture.

The most effective way to keep your salt lamp wet is to clean it when you use it on a daily basis.

If you’d like more detailed information about this subject, please read our article “10 Facts You Should Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps” which explains things like why salt lamps work, what material they are made from, and how many times they can be used throughout their lifetime.

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