⚠️ An ULTIMATE Guide To Himalayan Salt Lamp Dangers!

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We’ll discuss the true dangers of himalayan salt lamps.

Salt Lamp Dangers for Pets:

If you have pets, especially dogs and cats like to explore their environment by licking and biting new things, it’s best to keep them away from your Himalayan salt lamp.

And, unfortunately, the Himalayan salt lamp can be dangerous to pets:

  • The salt lamps usually have a cord that runs from the base to the lightbulb. If a pet chews on the cord, it could be electrocuted. To prevent this, be sure to place your salt lamp out of your pet’s reach.
  • The salt in the lamp can be harmful to pets if ingested, and can even lead to even death of pets. If you have a pet, be sure to keep the Himalayan lamp out of their reach.
  • The salt from the lamps can cause them to drink more water, which can then lead to sodium poisoning.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Dangers for Humans:

1. Harmful to Animals

Many people don’t know about the dangers they pose to animals. If a lamp is knocked over, the salt can spill out and be ingested by pets or small children. Even if a lamp is not knocked over, the heated salt can still be a hazard. Pets and small children can easily burn themselves on a hot lamp.

3. Don’t Turn It On

There are a few dangers you should be aware of before purchasing and using a Himalayan salt lamp. For starters, never turn the lamp on if the salt is wet. The salt could easily ignite and cause a fire. 

4. Use High-Quality Bulbs

The bulbs used in the Himalayan salt lamps can be dangerous. The lamps come with a small, plastic light bulb that, when broken, can release a toxic gas called polyvinyl chloride. The gas can cause headaches, nausea, and breathing problems. To avoid this, be sure to use a high-quality bulb made for a Himalayan salt lamp and to keep the lamp out of reach of children and pets.

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5. Be careful when changing the light bulb 

Moreover, you need to be careful when changing the light bulb. The metal bulb housing can become extremely hot, and if the salt lamp is knocked over, it could easily start a fire hazard.

6. Radioactive

Himalayan salt lamps can emit harmful levels of radiation.

Himalayan salt ingredients also include radioactive elements: radium, uranium, polonium, plutonium, and many others. Himalayan salt may look attractive, and it may have a pleasing taste. It may contain toxic and radioactive minerals that make it more hazardous when used over time.

In the wrong hands, a salt lamp can be used to produce radioactive material. It’s not something you have to worry about every day, but if you’re considering purchasing a salt lamp, it’s something you should be aware of. 

7. Cleanup Accidents

Be sure to take the following precautions:

Keep a bowl of water nearby to extinguish any accidental fires. Never use a vacuum to clean up the salt around your lamp, as this can cause it to explode.

6. Short-Circuit

Be careful not to spill water on your lamp, as this can cause it to short-circuit.

Keep your lamp out of the reach of children and pets.

If you follow these simple tips, you can enjoy your salt lamp safely and reap all of its benefits.


The dangers of Himalayan salt lamps are real, and they aren’t worth taking a chance with for safety’s sake. Be sure that both the product itself and the way in which you use it are safe for human consumption before you commit to online order.

Just like anything else, salt lamps need to be taken care of properly or thier benefits could become health hazards.

And finally, note that the health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are unproven and may not be worth the risks.

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