Salt Aim Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp
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Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp

A beautiful touch of elegance for any small living space. Himalayan Globe Shaped Salt Lamp is a calming, soothing and cozy table lamp to light up the whole room. Some bought one lamp at home for home decor but more bought several lamps for their loved families, lover and friends on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, thank-yous, graduation, birthday, Thanks Giving, and special occasions. Our salt lamps balanced with a nice visual sensation, embrace visitors and friends in a non-stressful, recharging moment.


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  • SUITABLE FOR ANY PLACE: With its contemporary look Salt Globe Lamp is suitable for any place, whether it is office, salon, spa, living room, or dining room, it fits right into any place and enhances its ambiance

  • ALL-NATURAL NIGHT LIGHT: This Globe salt lamp comes with a warm, pleasant, relaxing pink light you’re sure to sleep soundly, bathed in a soft, warm glow.

  • PREMIUM WOOD BASE: The wood base is both elegant and durable and helps provide the warm and serene atmosphere created by a well-crafted salt lamp

  • MANUAL ON/OFF SWITCH – It is easy to use, the in-line on/off rocker switch allows you to control when you need light and when you don’t – perfect for any room in your home

  • ✔ YOUR PERFECT LAMP – Salt Aim is the manufacturer of globe salt lamps, and we ensure the quality of the product. Our team of salters selects the pure salt crystals from the salt ranges of the Khewra salt mines that are suitable for the salt lamps. We make sure you get the authentic salt with the right texture to give an original and perfect look of the Himalayan salt lamp. 

  • ✔ PROFESSIONAL CRAFTING – Our salt lamp is very professionally crafted by our skilled worker to make sure the edges are smooth to make it more natural look and shape. 

  • ✔ CERTIFIED SALT & ACCESSORIES – We use ISO certified salt for making these lamps so no low quality salt is used. Salt is 100% pure and naturally taken from the foothills of the Khewra mines (KHEWRA & KALABAGH). We use GMP practices to craft our products. We are only using CE certified power cord and bulb with this lamp. Lamp comes with the fused socket cable and 15watt oven bulb.

  • ✔ DOCS & WARRANTY – All required user manuals and documentation for the product guidelines are provided with the item. All instructions are given and you are ready to go in no time. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, We offer money back warranty and will take the item back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED !!!

  • ✔ BENEFITS – Its believed to reduce electromagnetic radiation, improve breathing, purify air by increasing -ve ions in the atmosphere, helps the asthma condition, helps in good sleep, reduce allergy symptoms, help in managing stressful situations.

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Himalayan Globe Salt Lamp

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