Salt Aim Original Himalayan Salt Lamp
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Original Himalayan Salt Lamp


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  • AUTHENTIC HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP: The salt lamp is carved from a block of the purest Himalayan pink salt. Excavated from Pakistan’s Khewra mine, located in the heart of the Himalayas. Loaded with powerful minerals and free from toxins, our Himalayan salt lamp is safe to use in the nursery and with kids.
  • PURIFIES & CLEANSES: All-natural and pure, this is the perfect Himalayan salt lamp for allergies. Completely natural pink Himalayan salt crystal varies slightly in shape. Roughly 5-6 lbs and 9” by 5” this lamp works well for purifying and cleansing small to medium rooms.
  • BOOSTS POSITIVE ENERGY: Releases negative ions to create harmony and balance mind, body, and soul for a boost of positive energy.
  • SOOTHING GLOW: Beautiful 9” by 5” pink Himalayan salt block emits a warm orange-pink glow when turned on. Creates a soothing, peaceful environment perfect for meditation, yoga, sleeping, or adding earth and fire elements to your home decor.
  • DIMMER SWITCH: Electric Himalayan salt lamp with 4.5 ft power cord and dimmer switch. Gentle glow and adjustable light settings do not disturb sleep, perfect to use as a Himalayan salt lamp night light.

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Original Himalayan Salt Lamp

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