Salt Aim S.A.W. Islamic Himalayan Salt Lamp
Salt Aim

S.A.W. Islamic Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Recharge your spirit with a salt lamp
  • It has been specially designed to give your home a comforting and spiritual atmosphere
  • The Islamic 3D salt lamp is a perfect gift for every Islam believer and a perfect decoration for rooms
  • It will provide you with a spiritual, meditative, and peaceful environment


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Salt Aim is proud to present the best and unique Islamic salt lamps. It is an attention to the very special ONE (S.A.W) for whom the whole universe is created. This salt lamp has been specially designed by our team, to bring you the most remarkable blessing and highest spiritual energies of the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We are sure that you will be blessed by these lamps which have been specially made for you.

What is S.A.W. Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Get to know what is a salt lamp. Salt Aim has regard fully attempted to carve out these Merciful and Mubarak names as Himalayan Salt Lamps to avail the Benefits (Barkat) of these respectable names for all of our Muslim brothers both at spiritual and physical levels.

S.A.W. salt lamps can be used in all homes, offices, shops, restaurants, etc., where people can keep them lit to avail the benefits of Allah’s Blessings.

We are only a top seller of very unique handcrafted Islamic salt lamps. It is an attention to the very special ONE (S.A.W) for whom the whole universe is created.

A Solution For Peace

Settle into the spiritual solace of SAW Salt Lamp with an alluring pink hue. It’s the perfect place to get inner peace, meaning, or lack thereof.

The Most Spiritual Salt Lamp

Spiritual Benefits:
  • Provides you spiritual solace
  • Enlighten your hearts
  • Gives meaning and support to life
  • Removes meaninglessness
Health Benefits:
  • Better air quality in your home.
  • Increased respiratory health.
  • Improved mood
  • Better sleep
  • Reduces tension
  • Relives asthmatic patients
  • Improves respiratory tracheal system

How To Use S.A.W Islamic Himalayan Salt Lamp?

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  • Avatar

    It Seems To Work Great For Asthma!!

    When I read that these lamps were good for people with asthma, I immediately thought about my sister. I spoke to her on the phone and asked if she knew about them. She said she read about them but didn’t give it much thought afterward. I ordered this one for her and she received it the next day. She always wakes up needing treatment, after the first night of use, she woke up “NOT” needing a treatment! This is wonderful!!! She has always struggled with asthma, I am happy to find something that seems to have helped her.

  • Avatar

    Abdullah Arif Arif

    Shocked by immediate and noticeable results! I’m obsessed!

    I’m OBSESSED! Ascetically, I love the beautiful and lovely design and fits my home beautifully. I’m back to purchase two more and will have no worries placing them in the communal areas of my home. Currently, I have one in my bedroom and one in my son’s bedroom. I am completely shocked that it works so well at purifying the air in the rooms! It took less than one day after plugging it in to notice results (the difference in the air between rooms took me off guard it was so noticeable – I was shocked). I can absolutely tell the difference between a room that has one and one that does not. It is crisp, clean, and feels great to breathe. I actually thought today if it would be overboard to get one for the hallway. For now, I think it’s overboard but check back in with me in a couple of months.


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S.A.W. Islamic Himalayan Salt Lamp

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