Salt Lamp vs Air Purifier (Humidifier)

If you are into holistic healing or just in general, reading about it, you may know about rock salt lamps. Over the last few years, these have gained more popularity. That is because people claim that these have numerous health benefits. However, these are not backed by science. Nowadays, these have become a replacement for […]

Black Salt Vs Pink Salt: The Comparison Guide

What Is Pink Himalayan Salt? Since everyone around the world is adopting ways to eat healthily, Himalayan salt is becoming the top pick as a food additive. There is no denying the fact that pink Himalayan salt is full of health benefits and this is the very reason a larger number of people are replacing it with […]

Himalayan Salt Vs Celtic Sea Salt: The Comparison Guide

What Is Salt? Salt is an integral part of every cuisine around the world that its absence is highly noticed and it renders all the other flavors go ‘unnoticed’. Salt is not only a flavor enhancer but is full of health benefits. If you walk down the aisle at the supermarket housing spices and flavorings, […]