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Website Credits

Website Credits

People judge a book by its cover all the time online, and companies must have quality design and branding on their websites.

Salt Aim is custom designed and developed by Ecommerce Lava.

Ecommerce Lava is a Full Service Ecommerce Web Design & Development agency based in Multan, Pakistan. Of course, web design & development isn’t all we do.

Named the top Ecommerce Expert Agency in the world by (Someone).

At Ecommerce Lava, our client’s websites are designed to be both visually pleasing and optimized to drive revenue. We understand our clients’ bottom line, and all of our services are projected to maximize their revenue. The Ecommerce Lava design team is committed to providing solutions that our clients boast about.

Learn more about how Ecommerce Lava can help your company to create an eCommerce website for your business. Visit our website today at to get started on.

The Technology

This website is built with WordPress, a powerful concrete open source content management system (CMS) used by over 80 million sites that’s highly flexible and easy to use. In fact, WordPress powers 1 of every 5 new websites. 

The website is hosted by Cloudways and maintained by the Ecommerce Lava Team.

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