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The salt lamp industry has finally arrived at its most luxurious expression. Salt lamps are not only beautiful, but they also give off therapeutic light that can help you sleep more soundly and recover from everyday stress quicker than ever before!

Salt Aim is the leading wholesale brand in this field because we provide an exclusive lineup of Himalayan salt lamps for small business owners looking into entering or expanding their salt lamp sales. All while maintaining quality consistency throughout each item, so customers know what to expect when purchasing one piece over another.

When you purchase our branded products in bulk, enjoy great savings. Now you can save even more when buying wholesale quantities of our most popular items. Simply enter your desired quantity from the drop-down menu, then add them to your cart and watch it fill up with discounts! 

For larger orders, call us for a custom quote that’s sure to leave any budget happy.

We provide an extensive range of products for retailers as well as those looking to start their own business with our easy-to-use website.

We Mine, Manufacture & Supply Himalayan Rock Salt Products

Salt Aim, is the authentic source of premium quality Himalayan Rock Salt products. Being in the industry since 1997, we have expanded our presence to 70+ different countries. Currently, the company is serving more than 400 businesses and our long list of satisfied clients is evidence of our success.

Salt Aim is the go-to stop if you are in search of a reliable Manufacturer & Supplier of Himalayan Pink Salt Products. Whether you are an importer, wholesaler, or brand, you can count on us to bring you the best. Right from Mining to Processing, we keenly supervise every single step to produce high-quality Himalayan Pink Salt products.

Your Ultimate Partner For Brands & Wholesale Businesses

Quality Guaranteed

Skilled Workers, an efficient & state of the art processing unit, enabled us to implement International quality control procedures for manufacturing the quality products of Himalayan salt.

Fast Order Processing

One of our key expertise is to ensure the timely shipments that we promise our customers every time.

Price Competitiveness

Our most competitive prices will empower you to attain a visible trade share in the salt business.

We’ve been Serving Industry Since 1983

With satisfied clients in over 70+ countries, you can trust us to meet your needs. If you want to buy wholesale Himalayan salt lamps from a reputable source, then contact us today!

Our Factory: A Glimpse Of Our Manufacturing Process

We Ranked #1 In The Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale Suppliers List

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